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SermonSermonPastor Aust, Nov 19, 2016
CornerstoneCornerstoneElder Tyler Cantrell, Oct 29, 2016
Serve Or Be ServedServe Or Be ServedElder Joel Ockenga, Oct 22, 2016
The Scarlet CordThe Scarlet CordPastor Kwon, Oct 8, 2016
The Wedding FeastThe Wedding FeastPastor Jean-Marcel Clouzet, Oct 1, 2016
What If I...???What If I...???Eric Chavez, Sep 25, 2016
WisdomWisdomElder Joel Ockenga, Sep 17, 2016
Be The Sermon Part 4: Pure PeaceBe The Sermon Part 4: Pure PeacePastor Jean-Marcel Clouzet, Sep 10, 2016
Be The Sermon Part 3: Hungry For MercyBe The Sermon Part 3: Hungry For MercyPastor Jean-Marcel Clouzet, Sep 3, 2016
Be The Sermon Part 2: Tears Of StrengthBe The Sermon Part 2: Tears Of StrengthPastor Jean-Marcel Clouzet, Aug 27, 2016
Be The Sermon Part 1: SelflessBe The Sermon Part 1: SelflessPastor Jean-Marcel Clouzet, Aug 20, 2016
Am I WorthyAm I WorthyElder Joel Ockenga, Aug 13, 2016
Friendship And SacrificeFriendship And SacrificePastor Jean-Marcel Clouzet, Aug 6, 2016
The Challenge Of WaitingThe Challenge Of WaitingPastor Jean-Marcel Clouzet, Jul 30, 2016
WhatWhat's Your MissionPastor Jean-Marcel Clouzet, Jul 23, 2016
Timing Our EffortTiming Our EffortPastor Jean-Marcel Clouzet, Jul 16, 2016
Building it TogetherBuilding it TogetherPastor Jean-Marcel Clouzet, Jul 9, 2016
RefugeesRefugeesPastor Jean-Marcel Clouzet, Dec 12, 2015
We are AddictedWe are AddictedPastor Jean-Marcel Clouzet, Oct 24, 2015
God is MercyGod is MercyPastor Jean-Marcel Clouzet, Oct 17, 2015
Basic NeedsBasic NeedsPastor Jean-Marcel Clouzet, Oct 10, 2015
The MethodThe MethodPastor Jean-Marcel Clouzet, Sep 26, 2015
Rooted in WorshipRooted in WorshipPastor Jean-Marcel Clouzet, Sep 19, 2015
What Counts in the End?What Counts in the End?Pastor Jean-Marcel Clouzet, Apr 18, 2015
Joshua: The Lord is SalvationJoshua: The Lord is SalvationPastor Jean-Marcel Clouzet, Apr 11, 2015
Speaking for GodSpeaking for GodPastor Jean-Marcel Clouzet, Feb 28, 2015
Jonah - Arise and Go: "Come Again?!"Jonah - Arise and Go: "Come Again?!"Pastor Jean-Marcel Clouzet, Feb 21, 2015
Words of PowerWords of PowerPastor Jean-Marcel Clouzet, Feb 14, 2015
Kenosis: Born to DieKenosis: Born to DiePastor Jean-Marcel Clouzet, Dec 20, 2014
Joseph: God Gives More-Part 8: LegacyJoseph: God Gives More-Part 8: LegacyPastor Jean-Marcel Clouzet, Dec 6, 2014
Joseph: God Gives More-Part 4: TimeJoseph: God Gives More-Part 4: TimePastor Jean-Marcel Clouzet, Nov 1, 2014
Counting the CostCounting the CostFred Dana, Oct 25, 2014
Joseph: God Gives More-Part 3: ExtortionJoseph: God Gives More-Part 3: ExtortionPastor Jean-Marcel Clouzet, Oct 18, 2014
Joseph: God Gives More-Part 2: BetrayalJoseph: God Gives More-Part 2: BetrayalPastor Jean-Marcel Clouzet, Oct 4, 2014
Feeling Useful While DrowningFeeling Useful While DrowningPastor Jean-Marcel Clouzet, Sep 13, 2014
The Genuine ArticleThe Genuine ArticlePastor Jean-Marcel Clouzet, Sep 6, 2014
Simple Yet ComplexSimple Yet ComplexPastor Jean-Marcel Clouzet, Aug 30, 2014
Physiology of the BodyPhysiology of the BodyPastor Jean-Marcel Clouzet, Jun 7, 2014
Present Truth or Pleasant Truth?Present Truth or Pleasant Truth?Pastor Jean-Marcel Clouzet, May 10, 2014
What Guides UsWhat Guides UsPastor Case, Oct 26, 2013
What is Love?What is Love?Pastor Case, Oct 19, 2013
He Hit Me FirstHe Hit Me FirstPastor Case, Sep 21, 2013
Can Satan Use Me?Can Satan Use Me?Pastor Case, Sep 7, 2013
Faith. Focus. Finish.Faith. Focus. Finish.Kari Stauffer, Feb 16, 2013
TwoTwoPastor Case, Jan 5, 2013
Truth is...Truth is...Pastor Case, Dec 22, 2012
Trial by FireTrial by FirePastor Case, Dec 15, 2012
Man Up: Our God is a Strong GodMan Up: Our God is a Strong GodPastor Case, Oct 27, 2012
The Forecast Calls for RainThe Forecast Calls for RainGary Sudds, Sep 29, 2012
Sacrificial LoveSacrificial LoveKeith Nelson, May 12, 2012
Heroes from the Hall of Faith: MosesHeroes from the Hall of Faith: MosesPastor Case, Apr 28, 2012
The Story of a KingThe Story of a KingPastor Case, Apr 14, 2012
The Future is KnownThe Future is KnownPastor Case, Mar 3, 2012
In the ShadowsIn the ShadowsPastor Case, Feb 25, 2012
Wait Patiently on the LordWait Patiently on the LordElder Richard Habenicht, Feb 18, 2012
Heroes from the Hall of Faith: JacobHeroes from the Hall of Faith: JacobPastor Case, Feb 11, 2012
Watch The LambWatch The LambPastor Case, Jan 14, 2012
Why Jesus CameWhy Jesus CameMike Martling, Dec 31, 2011
Pondered in Her HeartPondered in Her HeartPastor Case, Dec 17, 2011
Cool FoolCool FoolPastor Case, Oct 22, 2011
Heroes from the Hall of Faith: Abraham Part 2Heroes from the Hall of Faith: Abraham Part 2Pastor Case, Oct 15, 2011
For GodFor God's GloryPastor Case, Sep 24, 2011
Live BoldLive BoldMichael Brackett, Sep 17, 2011
Heroes from the Hall of Faith: AbrahamHeroes from the Hall of Faith: AbrahamPastor Case, Aug 20, 2011
Heroes from the Hall of Faith: NoahHeroes from the Hall of Faith: NoahPastor Case, Aug 13, 2011
Proud To Be A CootProud To Be A CootKeith Nelson, Aug 6, 2011
Put It All On The TablePut It All On The TablePastor Case, Jul 30, 2011
Flying HighFlying HighPastor Case, Jul 23, 2011
In The ShadowsIn The ShadowsPastor Case, Jul 9, 2011
The MilitaryThe Military's MissionPastor Case, Jun 11, 2011
Walls Come Crashing DownWalls Come Crashing DownPastor Case, May 21, 2011
The Swinging PendulumThe Swinging PendulumPastor Case, May 7, 2011
A New Way to be HumanA New Way to be HumanPastor Greg Taylor, Apr 30, 2011
Good News!Good News!Pastor Carter, Apr 16, 2011
Rescue MeRescue MePastor Case, Mar 26, 2011
Heroes from the Hall of Faith: Walking with GodHeroes from the Hall of Faith: Walking with GodPastor Case, Mar 19, 2011